Collection: Dairy Free "Milk" Chocolate | Gluten Free & Nut Free

Dive into the UK's premium collection of Dairy-Free "Milk" Chocolate, crafted with care to ensure it's not only vegan but also nut-free, gluten-free, and peanut-free. From our top-selling slabs to the latest chocolate bar assortments, each bite delivers a rich, creamy experience without the common allergens. Indulge in or gift a selection that seamlessly merges traditional flavour with contemporary dietary needs, ensuring everyone can enjoy the taste of luxury.

Our entire range of tasty chocolates have no dairy, lactose, nut or gluten whatsoever, so can be enjoyed by all but especially appreciated by those looking for:

- Dairy free and gluten free chocolate
- Vegan and gluten free chocolate
- Dairy free and nut free chocolate
- Lactose free and gluten free chocolate