About Cocoa Libre

Who we are

 Welcome to Cocoa Libre!

 Our mission is to produce exciting, delicious chocolates that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of your health, lifestyle choices or beliefs. In short we believe eating chocolate should be an inclusive experience enjoyed by all.

We realise it can be difficult to navigate both the vegan and allergen-free market, so we guarantee our chocolates are free from gluten/dairy/nuts and always vegan. Our products are high quality products that don’t sacrifice the taste or sense of indulgence. Our milk chocolate is made with rice-milk, a sustainable plant based alternative to dairy that makes our chocolate creamy and indistinguishable from conventional milk chocolate. We challenge you to try it!

 Our story began in a small kitchen of a mum whose little boys developed a dairy-intolerance.  From that small beginning we have developed into a strong and growing team. You could almost call us a Mums Co-Operative, based at our dedicated allergen-free facility in North Somerset, where we fit our work around family life, whilst maintaining high levels of quality production.

We all love what we do and are proud of our products!