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Raspberry Dark Chocolate Slab | 100g Dairy Free Vegan

Raspberry Dark Chocolate Slab | 100g Dairy Free Vegan

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Dive into Dark Decadence: Raspberry Rendezvous Awaits!

Unveil the magic of our 100g Dark Chocolate Slab, where the luxurious depth of premium dark chocolate melds effortlessly with the tangy vibrancy of freeze-dried raspberries. Each bite is a dance of contrasting flavors, waiting to enrapture your senses.

🍫 Sensational Savor:

  • Indulgent Darkness: Relish in the velvety, rich embrace of our exquisite dark chocolate.
  • Raspberry Radiance: Delight in the tart and vibrant bursts of sun-kissed, freeze-dried raspberries that elevate this chocolate journey.

🌱 Pure Pleasure:

  • Ethical Elegance: Indulge guilt-free in a Vegan masterpiece, sans dairy, gluten, wheat, nuts, and peanuts. And if you wonder about the taste? We challenge you to spot the difference!
  • Craftsmanship at Its Core: Each slab mirrors the dedication of our artisans, blending top-notch ingredients to create a symphony of flavors.

🎁 Gift, Gratify, or Gather: Whether you're searching for the perfect present, a solitary treat, or planning a sharing spree, our slab is versatile enough to fit the bill. Go ahead, make memories or indulge in moments!

💼 Packaging Perks: Choose your delight: opt for individual slabs, a curated Box of 5, or for the true connoisseur, a case of 12.


  • Cocoa mass
  • Sugar
  • Cocoa butter
  • Freeze dried raspberries
  • Emulsifier: SOYA LECITHIN
  • Natural raspberry flavouring
  • Natural vanilla flavouring
  • Cocoa solids 55% min.

Allergy advice; see ingredients in bold

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