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VEGANUARY - Energy Balls

Vegan Energy/protein balls                 Welcome back to VEGANUARY!

These Energy Balls are a great snack to keep you going  and give you the much needed energy through January. They're a fabulous and delicious healthier snack as they are mainly made from fruit!

   All you need is:
   150g dried dates
   50g dried figs
   50g dried apricots
   100g Cocoa Libre chocolate
   1 tsp cinnamonSprinkles/sweets/Cocoa powder- anything you want to use to decorate.

    To make them you simply need to follow these very easy steps:

    1. Break up the CL chocolate and blitz in a food processor until it becomes crumbs .
    2. Add the dried fruits and the cinnamon to the blender and blitz all together.
    3. Shape the mixture into balls and roll into your choice of topping.
    4. Put into the fridge to firm for 20 mins.
    5. Eat and enjoy whenever you need an energy boost!

    They are totally customisable to put your preferred dried fruit, add nuts/oats/seeds and decorate however you like. We think the sprinkles look the most effective but there's so many different things you could use! If you make them send us a photo on our socials or tag us @cocoalibre / #cocoalibre.


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